Often we are asked by our clients for advice concerning their claim for Disability benefits. We have compiled this list of things that you should and should not do in response to their requests.

Things you should NOT do:

  • Do NOT speak with anyone from the Social Security Administration without talking to our office.
  • Do NOT attend any appointments with physicians that the SSA sets up for you without talking to Ms. Miller.
  • Do NOT return to work without discussing the matter with Ms. Miller.
  • Do NOT change your address or telephone number without notifying our office.

Things you SHOULD do:

  • Get regular medical care
  • Ask your physicians if they are willing to complete a brief medical assessment or provide a narrative letter outlining your medical problems.
  • Make sure our office ALWAYS knows how to contact you.
  • If you return to work, contact our office.
  • Send a copy of any Worker’s Compensation documents to our office.
  • Notify us of any new medical problems that are diagnosed, any new physicians you see or any hospitalization that occurs.
If you have ANY unanswered questions, contact the Law Office of Tracy Tyson Miller.