Need to replace a lost Social Security Card? It’s likely not as difficult as you think.

First, knowing your Social Security number may be enough to receive a replacement. You can complete a request for a replacement card either application online or at your local Social Security office. Or, you can request a replacement with a personal my Social Security account. Go to, answer a few questions, and they’ll let you know the best way to apply for a replacement. Big plus – they don’t charge to replace a lost Social Security card .

If you have issues with getting an account going, you can still request a card online, but you will have to complete the request at a local Social Security office.

Can’t get the application to work online? No problem. You’ll just need to have their list of  required documents and go to your local Social Security office. What documents they need will depend on your citizenship status and type of card you need.

If you have to visit a Social Security office, print out and complete an Application for a Social Security Card and take it with you, along with the necessary unexpired identification. If you do have to provide documents, they must be original or have a signature, stamp, or raised seal from the issuing agency. The Social Security Administration will NOT accept photocopies. Also,  all necessary identification must be up to date – NOT EXPIRED. Expired ID will not be accepted.

Once you’ve completed the application (in whatever form needed) and submit it, your Social Security card should arrive in the mail quickly – their website currently says within 7-10 business days. However, SSA also notes that they’re experiencing slight delays in processing mail-in Social Security card applications, and it may take us between 2-4 weeks for processing.

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