Cuts Costs, Saves Time, and Improves Service

Nancy A. Berryhill, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, announced a new collaboration to access medical records electronically from Johns Hopkins Medicine. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, it is one of the leading health care systems in the United States and serves over 2.8 million outpatient visitors annually.

Johns Hopkins Medicine will transmit complete secure medical records for Social Security disability applicants, with the appropriate patient consent. Social Security will receive medical records within minutes or hours, as compared to weeks through the traditional manual process (mail, fax, or secure website). The electronic process saves time and money.

“This fast, safe, and secure method for receiving medical records will significantly shorten the time it takes to make a disability decision and makes the process more efficient,” Acting Commissioner Berryhill said.

Over the last several years, Social Security has entered into similar relationships. In late June, Social Security began receiving electronic medical records from Stormont Vail Health, based in Topeka, KS, and University of Utah Health, based in Salt Lake City, UT. Social Security plans to continue expanding health IT partners with new high volume organizations, as well as additional facilities with existing partners.

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Press Release / Social Security Administration
Monday, February 24, 2020
Mark Hinkle, Acting Press Officer